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    Playback Holdings Limited is a new company formed to exploit a revolutionary television advertising platform called Playback Rewards (PBR). The new platform is protected by various granted patents and lodged patent applications. It has a core management team in place. Its chairman is David Elstein, former CEO of Channel 5, former Director of Programmes, Thames TV, former Head of Programming at BSkyB.


    PBR rewards TV households for watching advertisements. A typical TV viewer watches 47 advertisements every day. If that viewer switched only 60% of advertisements viewed to those that earned rewards (cash and/or vouchers), his earnings from PBR would exceed £100 per annum.


    Targeted advertising is the holy grail of the TV and advertising industries. In the US, experts forecast that by 2015 the annual revenues from targeted advertising will exceed $11 billion. But in the UK and Europe it has stalled because subscription-based services and internet-based advertising sales houses know so much about their customers that it would be difficult to avoid claims of abuse of privacy and data protection rights if they targeted them with tailored advertisements. PBR’s technology completely avoids all privacy and data protection issues. 

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    PBR is being developed in three phases (Proof of Concept; UK Commercial Rollout and International Rollout) to deliver targeted adverts to TV viewers and reward viewers in cash and vouchers. Since the adverts are targeted, they earn a premium for PBR while the viewer gets a standard amount no matter how targeted the ad. Viewers target themselves by self-profiling and their personal details never leave the STB. Hence total confidentiality is maintained which improves the likelihood that the consumer will trust the vendor and make a purchase - aggressive sales techniques automatically fail when the viewer remains in control of all his personal data. The PBR technology and business models are patented with further patent applications being progressed. Viewers receive both cash and vouchers on their mobile phones.

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